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Defleshed – ‘Grind Over Matter’

Metal Blade Records
The Crown, Carnal Forge, Revocation, Darkane, Dim Mak
Release Date
Metal Blade Records
Thrash/Death Metal

                There are those bands which, just deliver the goods, album after album, it does not phase them as they release solid material…. And then they break up. Typical. Yet, this year has Defleshed returning to the fold after a 16-year hiatus with their last album of thrashing/death, ‘Grind Over Matter’.

                With an album called ‘Grind Over Matter’, the listener knows exactly what they are going to get. Defleshed are not a band who are accustomed to pissing about and even after 16 years, this shows. ‘Grind Over Matter’ kicks the door down with its aggressive riffage and artillery barrage drums designed for one reason and that is to pummel the listener into submission even before the familiar bark of Gustaf Jorde rips through the mix. When all these factors combine, it is like Defleshed have never been away, the sleeping bear has awoken from its hibernation and it is hungry. Fans looking to a good dose of that Defleshed sound will find it here as through tracks such as ‘Bent Out of Shape’, ‘One Grave to Fit Them All’ and ‘Last Nail in the Coffin’, Defleshed show that even now they can still expertly craft death and thrash metal together without showing any of the seams.

At 34 minutes and 11 tracks, ‘Grind Over Matter’ doesn’t stick around, it gets the job done and leaves the listener wanting more, so what else is there to do but stick it on and play it again!

"leaves the listener wanting more"

Come on in!

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