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Toxic Reasons – ‘God Bless America?’

Back on Black
Violent Apathy, Offenders, N.O.T.A., Mecht Mensch, Chronic Sick, Social Unrest
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Back on Black
Hardcore Punk/Punk

                By the early 80’s hardcore punk had long since forged its own path away from the many splinters that punk had created when it landed and disenfranchised youths worldwide were ripe for the picking. One band which blended the hardcore punk sound with classic punk with tinges of reggae were Toxic Reasons.

                This year has Back on Black delivering a compilation of the Ohio hardcore punk band’s career with ‘God Bless America?’ This compilation is a wonderful introduction to who and what Toxic Reasons are all about as it guides the listener through the bands initial hardcore punk sound, through their dabbling in post-punk and then back to punk. Furthermore, what the purchaser gets here are not only 17 tracks of shit-kicking punk like ‘Powercrazed’ or ‘Breaking Down the War Machine’ but also two bonus tracks that are new and previously unreleased in the shape of ‘AGRO’ and ‘Unholy War’.

This means that ‘God Bless America?’ has become the perfect capstone to a decent punk rock career, whether you are an old-school punk looking to get those bonus tracks or a new listener looking to get into Toxic Reasons or even just have a retrospective of the bands career, ‘God Bless America?’ has something for every established or burgeoning fan of Toxic Reasons.

"the perfect capstone to a decent punk rock career"

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