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Kid Kapichi – ‘Here’s What You Could Have Won’

Spinefarm Records
Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Bob Vylan, Idles, Tigercub
Release Date
Spinefarm Records
Alternative/Indie Rock

Politically active bands in the UK right now must be in such a strange situation. On one hand, there’s a lot of content to write about; but on the other hand, there’s a lot of content to write about. Even now, writing this just 1 month after the release, there’s some lyrics already obsolete because of how much of a mess there’s been between then and now. 

So, anti-establishment crossover between Grime and Punk? It’s all been done before, right? Well… no. This is one of the most powerful and genuine-feeling pieces of punk since Rage Against the Machine’s explosive debut in 1992. There’s real anger, clever and powerful lyrics perfectly crafted to stick in your mind, with catchy riffs and hooks that seal it as an actually enjoyable album through all the activism. Essentially, a lesson in how to write anarchist anthems, wrapped in a sarcastic snarl that hits hard.

With opening track ‘New England’ featuring lyrical maestro Bob Vylan, the scene is set early as to the quality of the rest of the album. Even as gentler themes are introduced, and hardstyle-influenced mixing takes centre stage at some points, the record as a whole continues to hit hard both musically and lyrically, culminating in the deeply personal and heartfelt message of ‘Special’ 

"What to play when someone asks ‘what’s happening in the UK?’ And you haven’t a clue"

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