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Joe Lynn Turner – ‘Belly of the Beast’

Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group
Jorn, The Ferrymen, Astral Doors, Allen/Lande, ARK, Sunstorm, Rainbow
Release Date
October 28, 2022
Music Theories Recordings/Mascot Label Group
Heavy Metal

                Since his first bursting into the mainstream hard rock scene in 1981 as the new vocalist of Rainbow, Joe Lynn Turner has carved himself an illustrious career. Not only did he front Rainbow during their star-chasing AOR days, but has also worked with Deep Purple and Yngwie Malmsteen alongside numerous Frontiers Records projects such as Rated X and Sunstorm as well as an underrated solo career. This year has Turner returning to the frontlines with his latest solo album ‘Belly of the Beast’.

                If anyone was expecting another middle of the road melodic rock/AOR driven album from Turner, then they’ll be shocked and/or disappointed because what Turner pulls out with ‘Belly of the Beast’ is arguably his best solo album ever. Working closely with producer Peter Tägtgren, the death metal legend leads Turner down a dark and heavy record. This means that ‘Belly of the Beast’ has everything turned up to 11 and let’s Turner’s voice really fly and soar to the point that the listener would be forgiven for forgetting that Turner was in his 70’s, because he dances wildly around those half his age. Turner strikes a match and gives a light in the dark as through tracks such as ‘Tortured Soul’, ‘Rise Up’ and ‘Don’t Fear the Dark’, ‘Belly of the Beast’ shows a heavy metal sound that would massively appeal to fans of Jørn Lande, Russell Allen, Ronnie Romero and even Nils Patrik Johansson with rasping, roaring vocals which will bring in fans who would normally pull their nose up Turner’s usual melodic rock crooning.

                If ‘Belly of the Beast’ turned out to be Turner’s last album, then it would be a high-water mark. Simply put, it is the best thing that Turner has delivered for years, and any fan of modern European heavy metal should grab a copy because it will not disappoint.

"Simply put, this is the best thing that Joe Lynn Turner has delivered for years"

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