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Freddy Krumins – ‘The Future’s Past’

Presence Music
Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Saxon, Accept, Krokus
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Presence Music
Heavy Metal

Veteran vocalist Freddy Krumins has rubbed shoulders with several luminaries. Now it’s time for a well-deserved shift in the spotlight. In all honesty, the man used to rip! After listening to his earlier work, it’s apparent Father Time has taken a bit of Krumins’ edge but not his fire. His latest release is all about the classics. The riffs, solos, and song structures on ‘Future’s Past’ all harken back to the days of old. 

Starting off considerably strong and channeling early Krokus, Saxon, and 80’s Judas Priest, ‘Past’ is chock full of hearty grit and chomp, with Krumins’ seasoned voice cutting through. “Took For Granted” has a splendid Eric Wagner-inspired vibe, and the nifty boogie tilt of “Roll the Dice” mixes things up nicely. On “Dice” (among others), Krumins’ voice yearns and occasionally cracks in earnest. I’m inclined to think this was spontaneous and intentionally left in the mix. With less focus on finesse and more on authenticity, ‘Past’ is a solid outing. Some tracks, however, sound a little too familiar, and ultimately there isn’t much here that we have yet to hear.

For those familiar with Krumins’ time in the game, ‘Future’s Past’ is a must-listen. Otherwise, I suggest revisiting the classics. 

"maybe the future is in the past?"

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