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HAVEMEYER: Berliner Indie-Rock/Post-Punk Outfit Featuring members of DIE NERVEN, SHIPWRECKS and ORACLES to release Debut Album “Slacker”

Berliner Indie-Rock/Post-Punk outfit HAVEMEYER featuring members of DIE NERVEN, SHIPWRECKS and ORACLES to release Debut Album “Slacker” on March 3, 2023 via Crazysane Records

FFO: The Smiths, Interpol, Sonic Youth, Broken Social Scene, TV On The Radio

“Dreamy, shoegaze-bomb for long strolls on never-ending mind roads.”

– Aydo Abay (Blackmail, Musa Dagh)

Havemeyer evoke nostalgia and bring pure bliss to the listener, reminiscent of The Smiths, Interpol and Sonic Youth. They effortlessly weave together orchestral guitars and big pop moments while their powerful live energy creates a pristine wall of sound.

Autumn leaves on lush hillsides, the change of seasons in provincial western Germany. A stroll outside, quickened by the certitude of returning to great warmth. A suburban comfort long gone, its echoes still felt. Havemeyer’s debut record “Slacker” takes the listener there in the blink of an eye. Surprisingly timeless songs, its themes and structures no doubt the product of biographically and musically seasoned songwriters, but its coordinates set long ago. 

Jan Ebert (formerly Jan Müller) started writing songs on the guitar as a teenager and the euphoria for guitar driven music, in the best retro indie sense, still pervades his work today— a lot of attention to texture, crystalline guitar pickings, the occasional noisy bursts and walls of reverb. At its heights, the songs on “Slacker” reach that sweet spot between fragile grace and raw energy that bands, such as the later Sonic Youth inhabit so well. The songs were live recorded in rural eastern Germany which lends an intimate tone to the pressure and urgency of the music. This drive is especially perceptible through the lower range frequencies. When looking at the lyrics there’s no shortage of romantic interweaving of friendship, love, betrayal and distance, in itself already a bold move in an evermore post-ironic world. 

Dennis Jüngel, guitarist and occasional vocalist, also engineered and produced the recordings. He brought to the project drummer Kevin Kuhn, whose band Die Nerven he has toured with doing live sound for some years now. Kevin always has the capacity for yet another interesting band project, making him a prolific contributor to the current German music scene. Maik Vleurinck’s sensitive and melodic bass completes Havemeyer’s unique sound on their first LP. 

A blast from the past (circa early 2000s), into a shared provincial music socialization, almost like sunken treasure!
”I think, writing songs like the ones on ‘Slacker’ is all I can really do”, Jan Ebert says in his typically unassuming style. Well, thanks for the memories and godspeed Havemeyer!

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