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The Damned – ‘A Night of a Thousand Vampires: Live in London’

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Release Date
October 28, 2022
earMusic Records
Gothic Rock/Punk

                Well, as Halloween approaches and the veil between life and death becomes its thinnest, is there a better way to celebrate this than with the release of ‘A Night of a Thousand Vampires: Live in London’, the new live album from The Damned.

                This is a live spectacular, The Damned have delivered a gothic rock horror masterpiece as not only does the listener get the goth/punk rock legends, but they also team up with the cast of Hammer House of Horror cast alongside the Circus of Horrors to create a visual gothic spectacular for the ages. Ok, yes, you don’t get the Hammer House or Circus of Horrors additions that you would get from being there, but that doesn’t mean that the band have lost any of their live prowess. The Damned carry this on their music alone with fiendishly good versions of ‘Eloise’,  ‘Stand on the Edge of Tomorrow’ and ‘Grimly Fiendish’ which any fan of the ‘Phantasmagoria’ and ‘Anything’ albums would thoroughly enjoy. Furthermore, The Damned even delve into a few covers, as Dave Vanian and co. tear through spooktacular versions of ‘People are Strange’ and gothic favourite ‘Bela Legosi’s Dead’ with its ‘Neat Neat Neat’ introduction gettin’ all those old school punks up and pogoing.

                There are a few moments here which probably need the visuals to be fully appreciated, particularly ‘Curtain Call’ and ‘Tightrope Walk’, but even in the twilight of their career, The Damned show that they can still pull out all the stops with an excellent live album.

"an excellent live album"

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