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Metal Shots | Mitternacht

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Band: Mitternacht

Genre: Black Metal

For Fans Of: Darkthrone, Gorgoroth, Bathory

Short Bio:

Mitternacht formed in 2020 as a one-man project by Sigillvm with the intent to create primitive, extreme music influenced by 80s/90s black metal. The first demo “Blasphemous Warfare” was recorded the same year and released in 2021 digitally, then on tape in early 2022 through Unchained Tapes, limited to 15 copies. I am now working with a new label to re-release the demo as a precursor to the next recording in the near future, which is to be announced.

A Note from the Band:

Remain alert for the upcoming re-release and new material that is being written currently. There is a cold wind of transcendent evil and might in the underground. I will also praise Mourner of Light, Bastard Cross, Diabolical Fullmoon, Maltreatment, False Faith, and Spectral Grief Phenomenon. 

The Band Online:




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