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The Gloom in the Corner – ‘Trinity’

Sharptone Records
Coheed and Cambria, Cane Hill, Alpha Wolf, Void of Vision
Release Date
October 28, 2022
Sharptone Records
Symphonic Metalcore/Cinematic Metal

Many times it is said, “This is an album that has to be listened to from beginning to end”.  With ‘Trinity’ this sentence takes on a whole new meaning. This is a Dante-esque story set in an ongoing universe that The Gloom in the Corner has long been crafting. To follow the story this album quite literally needs to be listened to from beginning to end and in the correct order. There’s no mistaking that this is a concept/story album because almost every song ends with a demonic narrator moving the story along with spoken word.

After each narration, the next song starts immediately with the next scene in the story. This choice makes it clear to the listener what the band’s ambitions are, but it can be jarring if the attempt is made to listen to singles. This is an album that has to be listened to from beginning to end.

The music on its own is a pleasure to listen to. The riffs are heavy. The clean parts are graceful. The symphonic elements are epic. The vibes are diverse. The rhythms are groovy. With all that said, the vocals are easily the stand-out element. Mikey Arthur’s voice is both powerful and wide in scope, but there’s a small army of vocal guests from bands ranging from Fit for an Autopsy to Cane to Cane Hill to Red Handed Denial. The result of this litany of vocalists is a mosaic of tones and sentiments. This of course perfectly suits a story involving multiple characters.

If you’re curious about the choices and challenges of creating and performing such an ambitious record you can click the link below for an interview with Mikey, and then go out and listen to Trinity. This is a unique offering that metal fans should experience.

"a unique offering that metal fans should experience"

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