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Black Royal – ‘Earthbound’

M-Theory Audio
Mastodon, High On Fire, Inter Arma, Entombed, Endless Forms Most Gruesome
Release Date
October 21, 2022
M-Theory Audio
Stoner/Death Metal

                The melding of stoner metal and death metal might make for strange bedfellows, but in all honesty, they are an odd couple which just works well and one band who have been sat within the eternal forge smelting away this sound are Black Royal. This year has the Finns emerging from their workshop to deliver their third studio album of stoner-tinged death ‘Earthbound’.

                What the listener gets here with ‘Earthbound’ is some high-quality death metal backed by Sabbath style interludes and enough keyboards and soundscaping that the listener might think that they’ve stumbled into the realm of Hawkwind. Yet, this isn’t death metal goes a million miles an hour, blast beats and singing songs of gore and evisceration. This is gnarly death metal, it can be slow and brooding one minute in the style of Autopsy before the bong bubbles and those grooving riffs begin all the while tracks such as ‘13th Moon’, ‘Conjuration;’ and ‘Rite of Passage’ prod and probe into the realms of mythology allowing Black Royal once again to side-step many of the death metal tropes touching on the likes of Mastodon.

                Once again, Black Royal have delivered an album with a sound that they are damned good at. ‘Earthbound’ is a fully enjoyable album which shows the Finns continuing to evolve their sound and presenting an album which is more than decent.

"a fully enjoyable album which shows the Finns continuing to evolve their sound"

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