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Arctic Monkeys – ‘The Car’

Domino Recording Co Ltd
Cage The Elephant, Franz Ferdinand, The Last Shadow Puppets, The Wombats
Release Date
October 21, 2022
Domino Recording Co Ltd
Indie/Alternative Rock/Lounge/Baroque Pop

If you’re opening this page hoping to see an article singing the praises of a return to the punk-tinged fast rock stylings of “Whatever People Say…” and “Favourite Worst Nightmare”, prepare to be disappointed, and probably head off to complain on r/arcticmonkeys. Probably.

Anyone still around though, will be happy (or apathetic, your choice) to hear that Alex Turner and co have stuck to their guns, and brought another helping of alt-rock fused with lounge jazz, along the lines of “Tranquility Base…” with Turner continuing to gently serenade he masses with abstract and esoteric lyrical themes, although this effort feels, in an indescribable sense, more “Arctic Monkeys-ish” than the previous album. It has a somewhat more familiar feeling to it, perhaps a result of refining their craft without abandoning the new style. 

The result is a relaxing, chilled experience that, upon learning the lyrics of, we’ll all be sure to sing along in our best impression of an atonal herd of seals. There’s moments where the old Arctic Monkeys slips out, like the ending section to single “Body Paint”, sounding like a forgotten track from the recording of 2013’s “AM”.

This is a quality offering from a band that have sealed their status, and have nothing left to prove. Controversially, this might just be the best album they’ve released so far

"The album that ‘Tranquillity Base Hotel and Casino’ wanted to be"

Come on in!

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