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Grand – ‘Grand’

Frontiers Records
Starship, Foreigner, Mr. Big, Giant, Palace, Perfect Plan, Wildness
Release Date
October 21, 2022
Frontiers Records
Melodic Rock

                There is something in the water over in Sweden, there must be, there literally has to be. This is a country which produces so much music we really need to check the water. Actually don’t. Let’s not upset the ecosystem because one band who have embraced the Swedish melodic rock/AOR sound are Grand as the young bands deliver their self-titled debut album.

                What Grand bring here with their debut album is something so well produced that you could bounce a pin off it. This isn’t the sound of a young band fresh from eating out of a dumpster in the gutter, this is a band which sounds like they’ve been doing this their entire life and therefore what the listener gets here is something hugely professional with a veteran finish. There is also a duality to this release, there is that overarching feeling that this album was released in 1989 and although this album tugs at the nostalgia factor, there is also a modern bite too. This means that tracks such as ‘Stone Cold’, ‘Those Were the Days’ and ‘Caroline’ all have the huge appeal of Foreigner, Starship and even Mr. Big, whilst touching base with modern acts likes Palace, Perfect Plan and Wildness.

                Those not versed in the ways of melodic rock/AOR will find little here to enjoy, but then again, why would you look at it if that was the case? However, those who love this genre and all the sticky, sweet melodic riffs and big soaring chorus’ that come with it will find so much to thoroughly enjoy and get their teeth into and you know what, in your music collection, alphabetised of course, ‘Grand’ fits very nicely next to Giant, so get on it.

"a nostalgic album with a modern bite"

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