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Mythic Sunship – ‘Light/Flux’

Tee Pee Records
Naxatras, Somali Yacht Club, Wooden Shjipps, Electric Wizard
Release Date
Tee Pee Records
Psychedelic/Stoner Rock/Free Jazz

The October rain falls on a gloomy autumnal afternoon, one of those days when you just need music as an escape. Something warm and entrancing, an evocation of warm night-time breezes under cloudless desert skies, where time and space are barely relevant. Horizons that stretch forever, the endless road winding through the bluffs and mesas as you cruise with the roof down. Just the rumble of your engine, and soothing aural pleasure brought form as an intertwined musical chemistry between a deeply talented group of instrumental desperados, the high-plains drifters of Rock. Men who wear faded jeans and plaid shirts and have much facial hair.

Mythic Sunship follow last year’s excellent “Wildfire”, a swirling up-tempo blend of Garage Rock and Psychedelic Jazz straight outta 1972, with the much calmer and relaxed “Light/Flux”. Using the backdrop of super-chilled Desert Rock to allow for free soloing of the twin lead guitars of Emil Thorenfeldt and Kasper Stougaard Andersen, and Søren Skov on saxophone, makes each song the perfect recipe to carry you along the highway of your imagination.

When the jams hit though; they hit hard.

Don’t be put off by the references to Jazz; this is not some navel-gazing exploration into showing you “just how much cleverer we are than you”. The structure and flow of the (wholly instrumental) songs simply isn’t something rigid and pre-formed; there is a lugubrious liquidity, an organic texture that a defined straight edge would ruin. As such, the sensation is a single take, where the musicians communicate as much with glances and nods as with chords and progressions. Where this album flies is the interplay between the solos and the hypnotic rhythms; big praise goes to Frederik Denning, on drums, and Rasmus Cleve Christensen on bass. Without their discipline and chemistry, the soundscape would be nothing.

"An entertainingly different walk through the desert"

Come on in!

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