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In This Moment – ‘Blood 1983’ EP

New Years Day, Butcher Babies, Stitched Up Heart, Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation
Release Date
October 21, 2022
Alternative/Industrial Metal/Metalcore/Pop Rock

When it comes to those bands striding the globe at the moment, In This Moment (INM) have delivered time and time again. This year has ITM delivering their latest EP of high hair and leg warmers with ‘Blood 1983’.

From Maria Brink’s throat-scraping screams coupled with slow and low drawls still present with ‘Blood 1983’, ITM add lots of synths

Maria Brinks’s throat-scraping screams with slow and low drawl are still present, but with the synth being added it’s haunting, sinister, unearthly, and dramatic element. Furthermore, with the 80’s having a revival at this moment in time (pun intended) the EP shows how great songs can be injected with different flavours of synth and distortion to create something different and diverse. Yes, sometimes this doesn’t always work and sometimes you shouldn’t mess with a classic. But hats off to ITM, ‘Blood 1983’ is a fresh and novel take on five of their songs and within this 20-minute collection, the most entertaining by far is the title track giving an already great tune a different dynamic where dry ice could appear at any moment. Furthermore, ‘Whore 1983’ is an eerie track to end on, it is thoroughly melodic and evocative This is melodic and evocative at the start, then the threatrics kick in and whilst it isn’t exactly ‘heavy’ and maybe a little too ‘pop’, the flow is pure liquid gold.

With ‘Blood 1983’, ITM have taken a risk and it has paid off big time with a very enjoyable EP.

"some very good reworkings from In This Moment"

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