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Unru – ‘Die Wiederkehr des Verdrängten’

Babylon Doom Cult Records
Cruda Sorte, Lesser Life, Altar of Plagues, Young and in the Way, Wolves in the Throne Room
Release Date
Babylon Doom Cult Records
Black Metal/Crust

                In the north Rhine area of Germany, something lurks beneath the earth. Peel away the crust and get to the meaty goodness below and you’ll find Unru who have been delivering black metal for the best part of a decade now. This year has Unru returning for the first time since 2017 with their latest album ‘Die Wiederkehr des Verdrängten’.

                Those familiar with Unru will know that this is a band which do not do things by halves and once they commit themselves, they are in it for the long haul. Therefore, what the listener gets with ‘Die Wiedferkehr…’ is an album that puts a shift in, clocking in at just under an hour, this is a sheer investment of time. As an album, ‘Die Wiedferkehr…’ isn’t exactly easy to like, from pure relentless black metal dissonance through to post metal meanderings, this is an album which can test the very limits of the listeners threshold. However, this is delivered through a near perfect production which keeps the tracks here interesting as through the likes of ‘Hungersteine’, ‘Der Hauch der Freiheit’ and ‘Eitausend Stimmen’ bring about all the enjoyability of Cruda Sorte and Altar of Plagues to Young and in the Way and Wolves in the Throne Room.

                In less capable hands, ‘Die Wiederkehr…’ is a release that may very well have gone down the pan, but with Unru’s guile and tenacity, the magic held within this album is unleashed. It may not be the best album Unru have released, but it is certainly the most interesting.

"an interesting release from Unru"

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