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Sordid Blade – ‘Every Battle Has Its Glory’

Gates of Hell Records
Wanton Attack, Manilla Road, Heavy Load, Warlord, Eternal Champion, Herzel
Release Date
October 14, 2022
Gates of Hell Records
Epic Heavy Metal

                The fact that modern and home recordings now mean that one person can effectively ‘be’ a band without ever playing a show or even meeting other members has opened up so many possibilities in the musical world. One such band are Sordid Blade, the trad metal brainchild of Niklas Holm who although only forming in 2021 have already delivered their debut album ‘Every Battle Has Its Glory’.

                Those well versed in the trad metal ways will know that when it comes to making heavy metal with an epic flair, then not many genres do it better than trad metal and with ‘Every Battle…’ Sordid Blade have this in abundance. Through a production that wouldn’t be out of place on Tyneside in 1980, this album storms forward with tracks such as ‘Hidden Enthronement’, ‘Unbreakable Bonds’ and ‘Lonesome Rider’ easily showing the prowess that Sordid Blade possess. Through galloping rhythms and tantalising lead guitar runs, ‘Every Battle…’ demonstrate that this band have all the appeal of Heavy Load, Manilla Road and Warlord with an emphasis on epic that isn’t afraid to go full-tilt fantasy at any given moment.

                Yeah ok, the vocals here are a little bit of an acquired taste and for those who like their production to be massively polished won’t find that here. However, for those fans of NWOBHM and trad metal, what Sordid Blade have delivered here is a decent album that can be played over and over again.

"a decent album of trad metal, if not a little bit of an acquired taste"

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