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Cabal – ‘Magno Interitus’

Nuclear Blast
Acacia Strain, Thy Art is Murder, Viscera, Aversions Crown, In the Midst of Lions
Release Date
October 21, 2022
Nuclear Blast

As deathcore becomes more popular and its limits get pushed to the edge, it’s nice to hear a band avoid the genre’s excesses. Cabal forgoes their peers’ forays into the tech death rapid inundations of notes. They eschew exhibits of how many different animal noise vocal flourishes Andreas Paarup can manage. In the absence of these trappings, what’s left is a focus on visceral riffs, engaging grooves, and tight meaningful songs.

From the beginning Cabal pummels the listener with exceedingly heavy riffs and unrelenting vocals. However, the pacing never gets stale thanks to a variety of mesmeric rhythms and the odd industrial metal passages to disrupt expectancy. The mix of this album also stands out. The drums and guitars hit with crisp cleanliness even at their most distorted and lowest notes. The vocals sound huge thanks to multiple layers. Then add in all the erratic noises to compete for headroom and yet everything still pops. But it’s not just the recording that’s expertly done; the mix is also used as a dynamic tool. The right and left channels are ingeniously utilized and alternated to take what would be an ordinary transition fill into effective builds into the next heavy part or groove.

With metal album reviews, it’s altogether common to criticize a band for excess. It’s often asked for musicians to edit their work, to cut out the superfluity. However, this album could actually be criticized for being too concise. Most songs are between two and a half to three and a half minutes long with the longest song being four and a half. A lot of songs get the listener pumped up to eleven and then the song is over without fully utilizing that built momentum. At least they are taking advantage of that old adage, “Always leave them wanting more”.

"visceral riffs, engaging grooves, and tight meaningful songs"

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