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Metal Shots: Cerberus

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Band: Cerberus

Genre: Black Metal

For Fans Of: Mayhem, Dark Funeral, Darkthrone, Black Metal from the 90´th

Short Bio:

Founded in 1998
2001 MCD “First Destruction” (Schwarzdorn Production)
2003 CD “Chapters of Blackness” (Schwarzdorn Production)
2006 CD “Klagelieder / Grabesgesang” (Schwarzdorn Production)
In 2019, Beleth had a heart attack and stroke
2022 CD “My Prophecy Will Come”

Cerberus played concerts with Zarathustra, Bethlehem, Secrets of the Moon, Sarkom, Shining and other bands over the years

A Note from the Band:

Support the underground!

The Band Online:

Instagram: cerberus_blackmetal



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