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Lorna Shore – ‘Pain Remains’

Century Media
Shadow of Intent, Signs of the Swarm, Brand of Sacrifice, Angelmaker, Enterprise Earth
Release Date
October 14, 2022
Century Media
Symphonic Deathcore

There are those bands which just have that ‘winning’ formula, not matter what they do, they’re just the darlings of the internet, whether good or bad, for or against, their popularity continues to rise. One band which this relates to are Lorna Shore who are back with their latest album ‘Pain Remains’.

                When it comes to releases, Lorna Shore have very much grabbed the scene by the scruff of the neck and with ‘Pain Remains’, nothing has changed. This is an album which continues to show that Lorna Shore is committed to that deathcore sound and fans of the genre know to expect here. This means that with ‘Pain Remains’, Lorna Shore deliver flurries of notes in a furious whirlwind and when coupled with the complex and brutal rhythms of the drums and bass, this is an album designed to eviscerate the listener into submission. Yet, what allows ‘Pain Remains’ to stand out from their peers are some excellent symphonic elements and it is these which enrapture the listener and through tracks such as ‘Apotheosis’, ‘Sun//Eater’ and the closing epic ‘Pain Remains’ suite split into three parts show a band very much with their star continuing to ascend.

                For those uninitiated in the deathcore ways, ‘Pain Remains’ will certainly not cause them to suddenly adopt a new favourite genre and whilst this album might not be the best album that Lorna Shore have delivered, it is solid and continues to show a band continuing to deliver solid material over and over again.

"a solid album which shows Lorna Shore's star continuing to rise"

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