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Teramaze – ‘Flight of the Wounded’

Wells Music
TesseracT, Leprous, Skyharbor, Haken
Release Date
October 6, 2022
Wells Music
Progressive Metal/Rock

Teramaze return with the most polished and accessible album of their bustling career. With “Flight of the Wounded” they have reined in some of the excesses and potential pitfalls of the genre, and indeed only one song, the introductory title track, is notably outside the potential time slot for Rock radio airplay at just over ten minutes. But do not for even one moment think they’re going soft or selling out. The excellent song writing and musicianship are complimented by their trademark stunning production and mastering, here capturing a band transitioning from really good to great.

Dean Wells and co are a supremely hardworking and prolific band who have given us eight studio albums in the last ten years. Following an upward path in ability and imagination from a strong starting point has earned them a devoted and loyal following, and “Flight of the Wounded” is in no sense a change in direction or messing around with a proven formula. With generally shorter and punchier songs with memorable melodic lines and outstanding arrangements, consider it a “distillation” of the essence of the band; there is nothing to alienate long-term fans, and certainly plenty to win them many more. Of special note are Dean’s ever-improving vocals; there are complex melodies with large intervals and every note is in the bag with passion and power. Dan Tompkins has a new rival.

"This may well be the album that gets Teramaze to the next level"

Come on in!

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