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Al-Namrood – ‘Enkar’

Shaytan Productions
Melechesh, نار جهنم, Arallu, Odious, Akhenaten, Rudra, اكوان, Arabia, Seeds of Iblis
Release Date
Shaytan Productions
Black/Folk Metal

                Black metal is a genre synonymous with the frozen north, one of snow, church burnings and black leather and spikes against a backdrop of indomitable blizzard. Yet, head south and into the endless vast deserts of the Arabian Peninsula and you’ll find Al-Namrood who have released their album ‘Enkar’.

                Those expecting a second wave of black metal wall of noise assault will be shocked here to find that this is a band which choose to carve their own path within the black metal world. Yes, of course there are those usual black metal tropes here, fast tremolo picking, blast beats and shrieking vocals, but what makes ‘Enkar’ stand out is the fact that Al-Namrood choose to add their own folk identity to this music as the Saudi band deliver mystical desert melodies and minor harmonic scales into their work to give this album a really interesting musical feel. This almost soothing instrumentation at times is juxtaposed by some powerful, aggressive vocals as Al-Namrood show their dissatisfaction with hardships of living under a tight theocracy with ‘Enkar’ having all the enjoyability of the likes of Melechesh, Akhenaten and Odius.

                However, with ‘Enkar’ the production may not be the best and this sometimes means that the vocals aren’t as constrained as they could be. In fact, they’re so raw that Gordon Ramsey wants to call the camera crew in to complain/yell/stamp his feet. Yet, for those who like their black metal with a Middle Eastern flair, then ‘Enkar’ is a great offering which shows that when it comes to black metal, the north doesn’t hold all the cards.

"the desert takes on the tundra"

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