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Cobra the Impaler – ‘Colossal Gods’

Listenable Records
Mastodon, Baroness, Boss Keloid, Intronaut, Gojira, Calyces
Release Date
Listenable Records
Progressive/Stoner/Groove Metal/Sludge

                Cast your mind back to the mid 2000’s to when a certain band called Mastodon were untouchable with their sludgy progressive metal. One band who have tried to recapture that sound are Cobra the Impaler (CtI), a group formed by Megadeth sticksman Dirk Verbeuren and Tace DC of Aborted as the Belgian’s deliver their debut album ‘Colossal Gods’.

                This isn’t an album which can be neatly pigeonholed and ‘Colossal Gods’ is very much a square peg being rammed into a round hole over and over again until it goes in as CtI masterfully meld progressive metal, with sludge, stoner and metalcore to create something truly interesting. Through a wonderfully lean production, it keeps the listener thoroughly engaged with ‘Colossal Gods’ as tracks such as ‘Spirit of Lyssa’, ‘Blood Eye Earth’ and ‘Mountains’ brings about all the enjoyability of not only Mastodon in their prime, but also Baroness, Intronaut and Gojira.

                Addressing the elephant in the room, ‘Colossal Gods’ is very much Mastodon worship and CtI do this sound exceptionally well, but ultimately, it would be nice to see what this can do with some of their own identity and when they do, they’ll seriously be a band to look out for.

"if you like old Mastodon, this is right up your alley"

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