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Lacuna Coil – ‘Comalies XX’

Century Media
Within Temptation, Delain, The Gathering, Nemesea, UnSun
Release Date
October 14, 2022
Century Media
Gothic/Alternative Metal/Rock

                25 years ago, an Italian band crawled from the plains of Lombardy playing Gothic metal calling themselves Lacuna Coil and although the band these days is a far cry from that initial Gothic metal, the band hit the big time with their 2002 album ‘Comalies’. This year, it is 20 years since that album was released and now, to celebrate 20 years of this, Lacuna Coil have issued a 20th anniversary of this breakthrough album.

                With ‘Comalies XX’, the purchaser gets two discs, not only does the listener get the original version of ‘Comalies’ from 20 years ago, but listener also gets a re-recording of that album. Obviously, we know what ‘Comalies’ sounds like, so let’s be honest, ‘Comalies XX’ is all about the re-recording. With this release, Lacuna Coil crank up the adrenaline and give the tracks here a huge shot of steroids, bringing these tracks right into the 2020’s with a modern Lacuna Coil sound as ‘Comalies XX’ is almost rebuilt from scratch, this is a whole new skeleton and guts, but the real question is, does it actually work?

                Well, that depends on whether you like what Lacuna Coil have been doing recently. For many, ‘Comalies’ will be the album which saw them heavily invested into Lacuna Coil and although ‘Comalies XX’ will undoubtedly be a polarising release, the fact both versions are available gives the purchaser the chance to listen to both versions. Expect this to be debated for years to come.

"‘Comalies XX’ will undoubtedly be a polarising release"

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