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Eleine – ‘Acoustic in Hell’

Atomic Fire Records
Epica, Delain, Nightwish, Xandria, Beyond the Black, Sirenia
Release Date
October 14, 2022
Atomic Fire Records
Symphonic Metal

                Symphonic metal always brings about connotations of operatic notes sung within a snowy landscape with gothic looks, corsets, and a lot of eyeliner. One band who have been carving a niche within the symphonic metal genre are Eleine who are back with an acoustic EP aptly titled ‘Acoustic in Hell’.

                With a genre which is based almost entirely on melody, it is hardly surprising that the music Eleine play lends itself so easily to being put into the acoustic environment. Therefore, what Eleine deliver here with ‘Acoustic in Hell’ is an EP which is beautifully stripped back and allows each one of the eight tracks to shine as they take on a different skin. The tracks here are not just songs which have had their distortion removed from them, they’ve been stripped back and given a new lease of life, from recent tracks from 2018’s ‘Dancing in Hell’ right back to some of the bands early work, Eleine kick back and demonstrate their musical prowess (like it was ever in any doubt!).

                ‘Acoustic in Hell’ is what it is. This EP is a stopgap between studio releases and although it is delivered very well, excellently crafted and professionally done, it will generally only really appeal to hardcore fans of Eleine who can get something new and different to chew on whilst they wait for their next studio album.

"something new and different to chew on whilst you wait for Eleine's next studio album"

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