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Dead Poet Society – ‘-!-‘ (Deluxe Edition)

Spinefarm Records
Highly Suspect, Cleopatrick, Death From Above
Release Date
October 14, 2022
Spinefarm Records
Alternative Rock

                ‘Dead Poet’s Society’ may have been a successful movie for Robin Williams in the very late 80’s, but in the modern era, people will know Dead Poet Society (DPS) as an alternative band who managed to really hit their stride during the global COVID-19 pandemic with their 2021 album ‘-!-‘. With the band currently in the middle of a successful North American tour, Spinefarm Records have reissued ‘-!-‘ by giving it the deluxe treatment.

                Those who enjoy the sort of alternative sound that DPS play will find that this deluxe edition of ‘-!-‘ delivers a plethora of material for the zealous DPS fan to get their teeth into. Not only will this deluxe edition deliver the standard ‘-!-‘ album, but they’ll also get six new bonus tracks which will dig through DPS demonstrating their prowess in the live environment with tracks ‘.SALT.’ and ‘.intoodeep.’ tearing the face off. Furthermore, the listener will also get stripped back versions of ‘.CoDA.’ and ‘.AmericanBlood.’ allowing the purchaser to see these tracks in a completely different light with their pop/rock nuances. Yet, one of the crowning moments of the his deluxe edition is the remix of ‘.SALT.’ conducted by no other than Bring Me the Horizon man Jordan Fish who pumps up the jam on this remix.

                If you’re a fan of DPS and for some reason don’t own this album, then this deluxe edition is worth purchasing. However, if you already own ‘-!-‘ then unless you’re a fanatic DPS fan, this deluxe edition may as well pass you by.

"Dead Poet Society fans will love to get their teeth into this expanded edition"

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