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Apparition – ‘Granular Transformation’ EP (CD Reissue)

Chaos Records
Incantation, Tomb Mold, Innumerable Forms, Mortiferum, Drawn and Quartered
Release Date
October 14, 2022
Chaos Records
Death Metal

                Death metal is a genre which can quickly end up circling the drain if not delivered with a certain panache and identifiability. One band who have managed to sidestep this are Apparition and on the back of their hotly received debut album ‘Feel’ last year, Chaos Records are reissuing the bands 2020 EP ‘Granular Transformation’ on CD for the first time ever.

                This was an EP which was previously only released on digital as well as vinyl mediums and therefore, to have ‘Granular Transformation’ available on CD too now massively increases the demographic, particularly to those who don’t do vinyl. Yet, unlike the original two tracks which featured on the original EP, this reissue of ‘Granular Transformation’ also adds three bonus tracks onto the release in the shape of 2019’s ‘Subarachnoid Space’ allowing the listener to take in and see how Apparition have grown from their first EP, through to this release and then looking forward to ‘Feel’ and see how much of an important release that ‘Granular Transformation’ has become in the evolution of Apparition.

                However, this CD reissue of ‘Granular Transformation’ is strictly limited edition and therefore, once it is gone, it is gone so therefore, if the death metal underground is your thing, then ‘Granular Transformation’ will be a nice addition to your CD collection.

"a decent EP of underground death metal"

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