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Metal Shots: Demona

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Band: Demona

Genre: Speed metal

For Fans Of:
Agent Steel, Znöwhite, Whiplash

Short Bio:

15 years have passed since Demona first started ripping holes through the airwaves and tearing through speakers like a knife. It was 2007 when a 17-year-old Tanza Speed started laying the foundations for the manic metal madness of her solo project. Although Demona began in Tanza’s home of Chile the pursuit of heavy metal mania would eventually drive her to relocate to Canada and then once again to the United States. However, regardless of the location, Tanza always kept it fast and raw with the aid of a wide variety of hand-selected friends and performers chosen from the surrounding area. With each new EP, split, and album came new energy and more frenzied metal charm than most fans could handle. Today, the Demona moniker lies mostly dormant as Tanza pursues other musical projects including Outline, Konstanza, Aphrodite, and other yet to be named bands. In spite of that, there is no fear that Tanza’s fierce and frantic sound is going away.

A Note from the Band:


The Band Online:

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