Gaerea – ‘Mirage’

Season of Mist
Schammasch, Wiegedood, Zhrine, Tsjuder, The Great Old Ones, Ultha
Release Date
Season of Mist
Black Metal

When it comes to the extreme ends of the metal spectrum, Portugal is a country which very much can plant their flag in the soil as not just a country which does this well, but also manages to add their own flair to it. One band who have smashed it out of the park since their recent formation are Gaerea who are back with their third studio album ‘Mirage’.

                As with the bands previous two albums, it is no surprise that ‘Mirage’ smacks it in the postage stamp of the net with another dark black metal beast. From its very start, Gaerea dig their heels in and deliver arguably one of the best albums of their career, this is black metal landscapes, tremolo picking, blast beats and demonic shrieks done absolutely perfectly and through tracks such as ‘Mantle’, ‘Memoir’ and the title track, Gaerea school their peers in exactly how to create an album within this genre having all the enjoyability of Mgła, Zhrine and The Great Old Ones.         

                There is a subtle nuance to this album which gives ‘Mirage’ a real je ne sais quoi, it isn’t a carbon copy of second wave black metal, and it doesn’t take arse about with post-metal and avant-garde themes and if you’re looking for an album to do black metal really fucking well, then ‘Mirage’ is the way to do it.

"one of the best black metal releases of the year"

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