Tankard – ‘Pavlov’s Dawgs’

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Now, this is a big question; can metalheads only count to four? You see it everywhere, who are the ‘big four of…’ blah blah blah. One band which often gets ranked in these with the Teutonic thrash movement are Tankard and this year has the band back for the first time since 2017 with their latest studio offering ‘Pavlov’s Dawgs’.

                Tankard have always gone for it with a fist in one hand and a beer in the other, because they live by the mantra, if you’re going to die, you might as well die with a beer in your hand. Therefore, the listener knows exactly what they are going to get with this. Tankard may only do one thing, but truthfully, they do it very, very well and ‘Pavlov’s Dawgs’ is thrashing beast, as Tankard take a slug of the sweet nectar and take on subjects like the Coronavirus Pandemic, global lockdowns and the narcissism of Instagram and TikTok through excellent tracks such as ‘Ex-Fluencer’, ‘Diary of a Nihilist’ and ‘Lockdown Forever’. However, the real crowning moment here is the track ‘Veins of Terra’ a pro-conservationist anthem which has all the enjoyability of modern Testament as well as Anvil and Raven.

                In a 40 year career, we all know what Tankard sound like by now, it may have been some time since Tankard last released something, but ‘Pavlov’s Dawgs’ is guaranteed to have the listener salivating with each passing listen. So you could say, yes, it rings that bell.

‘Pavlov’s Dawgs’ is guaranteed to have the listener salivating"

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