Sonata Arctica – ‘Acoustic Adventures (Volume Two)’

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There’s an art to Finnish power metal; this is a country which took the European power metal template and added so many elements of melody that are such common place today. One such band are Sonata Arctica who after releasing ‘Acoustic Adventures (Volume One)’ earlier this year are back with their latest album ‘Acoustic Adventures (Volume Two)’.

                Fans of the previous release will know what to expect here with ‘…Volume Two)’ and that is another collection of twelve tracks from the back catalogue of Sonata Arctica which have been fully stripped back and given the acoustic overhaul. Thankfully, the tracks here haven’t been made dull and melancholic from, instead, these acoustic reworkings are bright and vibrant delivered with all the melody that has come to be expected from Sonata Arctica as the Finns breathe new life into tracks such as ‘Half a Marathon Man’, ‘I Have a Right’ and ‘Letter to Dana’ which allows the listener to see these from a completely different perspective.

                However, there isn’t anything here for fans of the band who don’t want to waste their money on what is essentially acoustic reworkings. Yes, the huge fans of Sonata Arctica who simply must have everything will find something nice to add to their collections and it is these that ‘… (Volume Two)’ is aimed at. If you find yourself thinking that you don’t fit into this category, then you can save some cash and wait for a new Sonata Arctica studio album instead.

"another stripped back offering from Sonata Arctica"

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