Dark Forest – ‘Ridge & Furrow’ EP

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Darkest Era, Lunar Shadow, Wytch Hazel, Cloven Hoof, Isen Torr, Gatekeeper, Ironflame
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Those of us in the know will understand that trad metal is one of the places to be in the modern metal world. This is a genre which delivers nostalgic sounding releases over and over again which at times can go toe to toe with their predecessors and one band are Dark Forest who are back with their latest EP ‘Ridge & Furrow’.

                Fans of metal who managed to get their paws on 2020’s ‘Oak, Ash & Thorn’ will have found a fantastic album of proper, classic heavy metal and therefore, with ‘Ridge & Furrow’, Dark Forest pick up exactly where that last release left off. With this EP, the listener gets five tracks of pure old-school metal delivered through that nostalgic lens which automatically makes ‘Ridge & Furrow’ so appealing and because of this, it feels like we’ve been listening to this EP forever and enjoying every minute of it. Tracks such as ‘Skylark’, ‘The Golden Acre’ and ‘Under the Greenwood Tree’ continue to show Dark Forest expanding their sound whilst also appealing to the likes of Darkest Era, Skyclad and Twisted Tower Dire as well as Cloven Hoof and Iron Maiden, particularly as vocalist Josh Winnard delivers a performance worthy of Bruce Dickinson.

                Yes, this EP is what it is, it is a collection four decent tracks and a short instrumental which tide the band nicely over as a stop gap between albums and if ‘Ridge & Furrow’ is anything to go on, then the next album will be something to really anticipate.

"if ‘Ridge & Furrow’ is anything to go on, then the next album will be something to really anticipate"

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