Gogol Bordello – ‘Solidartine’

Das Grand Kapital/Cooking Vinyl America, Inc
Flogging Molly, Kultur Shock, Dropkick Murphys, Fanfare Ciocărlia, Shantel
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Das Grand Kapital/Cooking Vinyl America, Inc
Gypsy Punk

Seriously; take a deep breath and prepare yourself. Once you’ve hit the “Play” button you’re in for a hard, wild, and very strange ride. Gogol Bordello take things even further than before with the war between various band member’s home countries as a backdrop. Alongside ethnically Ukranian frontman Eugene Hutz, the rolling cast of players includes Russians, Belarusians, Ecuadorians, Germans, and this time even a bloke from just up the road in Washington DC.

New York’s collection of wilful misfits has been orchestrated as a force for danceable strangeness by Eugene since around the turn of the millennium. Fusing Gypsy Folk with Punk, Ska, Metal, (and frankly whatever takes their fancy at the time), and Influences and members from around the globe their sound is decidedly unique. Here amongst the original material sits a wonderful cover of Fugazi’s “Blueprint”, as well as a re-imagining of their own “Forces of Victory”, highlights elsewhere on the album are “The Era of the End of Eras”, “Coming Out”, and the superb and frantic “Take Only What You Can Carry” with its obvious political message.

Without actually saying “Fuck You” to Putin and his army, the lyrical content means Russia’s Premier is highly unlikely to put it on his “Drive to Work” playlist. Filled with righteous indignation, and the spirit of resistance, “Solidartine” is a politically charged and powerful repost to the situation a whole region finds itself in. It’s also mad as a box of frogs on acid, and as always, surprisingly funny.

"Not an easy listen for most but a must have for fans"

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