Givre – ‘Le Pressoir Mystique’ (Reissue)

Entheos, Gris, Lantlôs, Basalte, A Forest of Stars
Release Date
Black Metal

Bands can enter a state of slumber, a hibernation where they snooze the years away. But when the ice thaws and the weather warms, they return to stalk the landscape. This is what happened to Givre following their 2010 debut and 2021 sophomore album. Okay, that’s not quite true, the band existed as Entheos, but you know, go with me on this metaphor. This year has Eisenwald digging into that sophomore album ‘Le Pressoir Mystique’ and reissuing it for the first time on CD as well as digital.

                Previously, ‘Le Pressoir Mystique’ was only released in trve kvlt format as limited edition cassettes, but thankfully now, Eisenwald allows Givre to attempt to punch out of the black metal underground on previously unavailable formats. With this reissue, ‘Le Pressoir Mystique’ will now have a revised layout and artwork and will contain two previously unreleased tracks tagged on the end of ‘Le Pressoir Mystique’ as bonus tracks.

                However, for those who like to collect vinyl as their medium of choice, there’ll be nothing here for you; yet much like its cassette predecessor, the CD version of ‘Le Pressoir Mystique’ will be strictly limited edition and therefore, if you want one, better get clicking. There will always be a digital version though and for those who like their black metal to have medieval folk infused in it, then ‘Le Pressoir Mystique’ will be a great addition to your collection.

"finally, ‘Le Pressoir Mystique’ is available to the masses"

Come on in!

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