Blitzkrieg – ‘Inferno – The Complete Recordings Vol I: 1980-1998’

Hear No Evil Recordings
Satan, Diamond Head, Angel Witch, Avenger, Blind Fury, Warfare, Tank
Release Date
September 30, 2022
Hear No Evil Recordings
Heavy Metal

When Metallica covered ‘Blitzkrieg’ back in 1983, it has certainly allowed Brian Ross to keep doing what he has is good at for the 40 years and that is releasing great albums with both Blitzkrieg and Satan. This year has HNE Recordings compiling the Blitzkrieg studio albums from 1980-1998 as ‘Inferno – The Complete Recordings Vol I: 1980-1998’.

                What the listener gets here is a collection which features five discs spanning 18 years of Blitzkrieg, from ‘A Time of Changes’, ‘Unholy Trinity’, ‘Ten’ and ‘The Mists of Avalon’, absolutely classic albums which have always gone under the radar, often being released in the wrong place at the wrong time. Alongside these studio albums, the purchaser will also get a disc containing that influential ‘Blitzed Alive’ demo from 1981. This is just the start to what the extras ‘Inferno…’ offers, each disc delivers a plethora of bonus tracks which range from not only demo tracks, but also rehearsals, singles, B-sides and instrumentals.

                For those who don’t have copies of these Blitzkrieg albums, then ‘Inferno…’ is a fantastic collection of proper heavy metal. Yes, most of these tracks have been released in some way shape or form; however, there are some extras here to entice those Blitzkrieg fanatics in and whether you’re a casual fan or hardcore zealot, ‘Inferno…’ will still sit perfectly in your CD collection.

"a fantastic collection of proper heavy metal"

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