Infidel Rising – ‘A Complex Divinity’

Pure Steel Records
Power of Omens, Symphony X, Wardrum, Novareign, Qantice
Release Date
September 30, 2022
Pure Steel Records
Power/Progressive Metal

Progressive and power metal are not strange bedfellows, these genres jump together more times than nits in primary school. Yet, for all their similarities, it takes some real skill to play these genres and Infidel Rising know just what to do as the Texan band deliver their sophomore album ‘A Complex Divinity’.

                It may have been nearly seven years since Infidel Rising last released a studio album, but their 2021 EP got things back on the road again. ‘A Complex Divinity’ is an album will show the Texans doing what the band do best; this album is a great album of progressive/power metal, it has all the galloping drive of power metal coupled with those familiar soaring vocals whilst the progressive nature of this album gives all the little nuances which make ‘A Complex Divinity’ really enjoyable. Tracks such as ‘Shadow Maker’, ‘All the Fear’ and ‘Beautifully Drowned’ bring about all the appeal of Wardrum, Novareign and Qantice with just enough Symphony X to make passing fans of the genre really stand up and take note.

                Of course, there isn’t anything here that fans of the genre haven’t heard before. However, who gives a rodent’s rectum? This is progressive/power metal done exactly the way it should be, and fans of the genre should look out for it.

"progressive/power metal done exactly the way it should be"

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