Stratovarius – ‘Survive’

Sonata Arctica, Cain's Offering, Kotipelto, Revolution Renaissance, Symfonia, Thunderstone, Timo Tolkki
Release Date
September 23, 2022
Melodic Power Metal

                We live in a strange time where not only newer bands are delivering some of the best albums of our time, but also the old guard are standing firm showing that they are still at the top of their game and a force to reckoned with. One such band are Stratovarius who are back for the first time since 2013 with their latest album ‘Survive’.

                Much like Helloween did last year, Stratovarius have taken the power metal formula and blasted it into the stratosphere. ‘Survive’ is a perfect example of a veteran band showing every single one of their peers how to deliver a masterpiece of their genre. From galloping riffage and soaring vocals, ‘Survive’ drives forward like a bullet train where tracks such as ‘Frozen in Time’, ‘Firefly’ and the title are quite possibly some of the best works that Stratovarius have delivered in a long time. Furthermore, even the closing epic ‘Voice of Thunder’ doesn’t meander or wander off into beige territory unlike a lot of long, epic power metal.

                In 2022, Stratovarius have not just delivered a fantastic album, they have delivered arguably one of the best albums of the year and with it the Finns show that they are still titans of the movement.

"one of the best albums of the year"

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