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Soen, Oceanhoarse & Lizzard – Rebellion Manchester: A perfect night of incredible music.

Seeing progressive metal live is an interesting undertaking.

The complicated riffs and rhythms often demand focus from band members, and can make it a little awkward to get in the groove of the song, especially as time signatures change around you as if a personification of a Dali painting.

Some bands have mastered the art of live progressive metal, though, and Soen are a shining example; a thoroughly engaging and entertaining spectacle, with vocalist Joel Ekelof spearheading the spectacle with a stage presence short only of Freddie Mercury, with drummer and founder Martin Lopez’s strange, beautiful rhythms creating a sound easy to become lost in, to the point at which the heavier moments such as those in ‘Antagonist’ and ‘Sectarian’ gain a new level of heaviness, seeming almost crushing in the cramped room.

Support acts Oceanhoarse and Lizzard were a wonderful accompaniment to the show, both bringing their own unique brand of metal; Oceanhoarse bringing a kind of progressive thrash metal, and Lizzard opting for a loop-filled metalgaze-styled set Adam jones would be proud of, allowing both to show their full potential without stepping on the toes of Soen’s set.

The venue was run efficiently and beautiful, and the low ceiling and cramped conditions added to the intimacy of the night.

This was a total triumph of quality progressive metal, and a perfect experience of live music.


A perfect night of incredible music

Come on in!

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