Solitude Aeturnus – ‘Into the Depths of Sorrow’/’Beyond the Crimson Horizon’ (Reissue)

Dissonance Productions
Candlemass, Crypt Sermon, Memento Mori, Sorcerer, Wheel, Isole, Procession
Release Date
September 23, 2022
Dissonance Productions
Epic Doom Metal

There are those bands which live perpetually beneath that radar. They’re not the likes of those bands which hog the limelight and yet, those beneath the surface have released some of the most important and influential albums of all time. One such band are Solitude Aeturnus and this year has Dissonance Productions reissuing the American doom legends seminal debut and sophomore albums ‘Into the Depths of Sorrow’ and ‘Beyond the Crimson Horizon’ as a double CD pack.

                Without a shadow of a doubt both ‘Into the Depths…’ and ‘Beyond the Crimson…’ are two of the most revered epic doom albums of all time. With this reissue, there is nothing here that is new or extra here to entice those in who already have a copy of these albums. Furthermore, those who like to collect their music on vinyl will have to go back to their separate copies because this double pack will only be available as a CD. However, for those who still like to collect their music on CD then this is a fantastic opportunity to replace copies of two great albums that by now may be utterly shagged out.

                If you look under classic albums from the 90’s, then under the definition, the listener will find copies of these two albums. Therefore, if you need to replace your copies of these albums or you simply don’t have a copy yet, then this double pack is a must buy. No more, no less.

"under classic albums from the 90's, you'll find these two albums"

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