Skelator – ‘King of Fear’ (Vinyl Reissue)

Gates of Hell Records
Domine, Sacred Steel, Metal Inquisitor, Solitary Sabred, Evil Survives, Solemnity
Release Date
September 23, 2022
Gates of Hell Records
Epic Heavy/Speed Metal

Remember back when ‘He-Man and the Masters of the Universe’ was the best show on TV? If you agree, you are of the same generation and Skelator was awesome when it came to being the villain. One band loved this and took the hooded menace under their wing as their namesake and this year has Skelator and Gates of Hell Records reissuing the bands 2014 album ‘King of Fear’ on vinyl for the first time ever.

                When it comes to speed and heavy metal with epic flourishes, Skelator have never let their audience down and now those fans can revel in the ability to get ‘King of Fear’ on their favourite medium. What this Gates of Hell reissue offers with ‘King of Fear’ is the chance to get this album on black vinyl (the original and best), as well as a cool insert alongside a download code to get this release as a digital version too so that you can get ‘King of Fear’ on the go. Furthermore, this vinyl edition will also contain a cover of Hawkwind’s seminal ‘Master of the Universe’, a track which has only ever been released on the digital version of ‘King of Fear’ previously.

                For those with a dispensation towards vinyl, then ‘King of Fear’ is an excellent choice of epic heavy metal crossed with enough speed metal to crank the volume up and would sit perfectly within your collection of black discs.

"the chance to get an excellent album on vinyl"

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