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Band: Allocer Wolfe

Genre: Metal Music

For Fans Of: Watain, Necrophobic, Immortal, Tribulation, Nachtmystium

Short Bio:

Allocer Wolfeis from the northern part of Nevada, surrounded by trees and ancient lakes, creating black metal music. Led by Dan LaBarbera, Allocer Wolfe is a one person project.

The music brings catchy arrangements and structures, with brutal tones and intellectually penetrating lyrics.Dealing within an array of topics from personal, philosophical, theological, and even fantastical, occult and black magic subjects.

Songs such as “Winter’s Breathe” speak to a Pagan queen who rules over the landscapes crushing those who inhabit her forests. “A Man Made for Nowhere” is set within a theological context, in conversation with God, asking the why of creation, and the associated pain with living. “Gehenna” being the musical embodiment of Dante’s Inferno explores each layer of the journey throughout the piece. Each song is a separate story. Each story, worth hearing.

A Note from the Band:

I have released two songs via YouTube on my own “official” channel – link below for both, “Black Moon” and, “The Count”.

I also plan to release 4 singles this coming Fall, along with more videos.

Thank you for listening, and I hope you enjoy what the future holds.

October 14th: Triora and The Pagan, two singles that I will release together as an A and B side.

The Band Online:








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