Devils Henchmen – ‘Control’ EP

Independent Release
Pantera, Metallica, Testament, Exodus
Release Date
September 3, 2022
Independent Release
Heavy/Thrash Metal

“Punk’s not dead!” So shout the masses. While mostly true (see: Slaves, Idles), there’s less similar sentiment when it comes to thrash metal. Devils Henchmen are four young lads from Liverpool showing that thrash is very much alive, with infectious energy, and full-throttle, super catchy riffs galore, more stabs than have ever been fitted into a 12 minute record than ever before. Production is understandably basic, as this is self-released by a young band, and the vocals spike through the mix enough to drive an audio engineer insane, but this is definitely a band to watch out for, and to pray they get signed to a decent label.

Highlight of the EP is undoubtedly closing track ‘Rollercoaster’ which is quite simply four minutes of the grooviest thrash you’ve ever heard, enough to make Dimebag blush from beyond the grave.

"rough around the edges, but otherwise top notch thrash metal"

Come on in!

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