Razor – ‘Cycle of Contempt’

Relapse Records
Exciter, Whiplash, Sacrifice, Dark Angel, Onslaught, Exumer, Evil Invaders, Infernäl Mäjesty
Release Date
September 23, 2022
Relapse Records
Speed/Thrash Metal

                In the animal kingdom, there are those creatures which feast and then hibernate away, biding their time before they need to feed again. It was 25 years ago when Razor last stalked the earth for food, but now the Canadian speed merchants are back with their long awaited ‘Cycle of Contempt’.

                Straight off the bat, there is everything here that any fan of Razor could ever want because ‘Cycles of Contempt’ brings those high-powered machine gun riffs to the front line once more to cut down in swathes with a production delivered with a laser driven precision that shows exactly where Razor needs to attack. Yet, this isn’t delivered in some modern way sanitised of life, there’s an old-school thrash sound here which means ‘Cycles of Contempt’ has a real nostalgic factor, reminding the listener why they fell in love with the band in the first place as tracks such as ‘Darkness Falls’, ‘Shotgun Justice’ and ‘Punch Your Face In’ roar is a thrashing ferocity causing the listener to crank the volume up louder and louder each time. However, the only real thing that lets ‘Cycle of Contempt’ down in all reality is the final track, ‘King Shit’ is rather odd and wouldn’t be missed had it been left on the bog floor.

                With ‘Cycle of Contempt’, Razor have reminded us that when the surface to feed, they can still knock it out of the park and hopefully, it won’t be another 25 years before they return without another razor-sharp release.

"a razor-sharp release"

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