Parkway Drive – ‘Darker Still’

Epitaph Records
The Ghost Inside, As I Die Trying, Bury Tomorrow, August Burns Red, Miss May I
Release Date
September 9, 2022
Epitaph Records

Who would have thought nearly 20 years ago in 2003 that Parkway Drive would go from plucky underdogs to a worldwide powerhouse. With thousands of live shows under their belt, Parkway Drive are back with their latest album ‘Darker Still’.

Standing in line with the likes of Architects and While She Sleeps, ‘Darkest Still’ continues to use that Parkway Drive sound, but what this album delivers is a rule-breaking fresh sound as they shun the confining rules of heavy metal. This means that ‘Darker Still’ is an album of subordination, stamina, and resilience with Parkway Drive stating:

“this feels like rising from the ashes, it’s a new beginning and you better believe it”.

From a music box beginning, this album has a mesmerising effect which pulls the listener through its 11-song story, through tracks like the authentic power ballad title track clocking in at seven minutes in length is an absolute firecracker built for the arena whilst tracks such as ‘Like Napalm’, ‘Imperial Heretic’, and ‘If God Can Bleed’ continue to add artillery to an already excellent album. Therefore, once again, the standout heroes are the guitars as they rip hard with their chugging riffs at their best. Furthermore, ‘Darker Still’ has all the grunts, growls, and grit wrapped up in a monumental wall of sound with its eclectic catchy riffs celebrating the rise of oneself in difficult times.

‘Darker Still’ could divide a room you will either love forever or totally ignore. This masterpiece means the bar has been lifted into space and don’t be surprised that if in the future, the world comes to regard ‘Darker Still’ in the same league as the likes of the Black Album because it definitely has that potential! Time will tell!

"Parkway Drive massively raise the bar to all those around them"

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