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Spellbook – ‘Deadly Charms’

Cruz del Sur Music
Black Sabbath, Angel Witch, Crow, Blue Öyster Cult, Ghost, Demon
Release Date
September 23, 2022
Cruz del Sur Music
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock

The Necronomicon… an ancient Sumerian text….’ Yeah, we all know the tape recording from ‘Evil Dead’, but what is the golden rule of incantations? That’s right. Never read it aloud. Unless that is you are Spellbook who have returned from Pennsylvania to deliver their sophomore album ‘Deadly Charms’.

                Sticking with the hard rock, 70’s occult vibe that was laid out on their debut album ‘Magick & Mischief’ and turning up the distortion just a little bit to add just a pinch more fuzz, Spellbook show that not even a global pandemic can dull their senses. ‘Deadly Charms’ is a great album of old-school style hard rock which leans heavily on that proto-metal vibe as tracks such as ‘Goddess’, ‘Night of the Doppelganger’ and ‘The Witch of Riley Creek’ deliver all the magic and mysticism of Black Sabbath, Black Widow and Crow whilst also keeping the tongue in cheek irony and humour that runs through the early work of Blue Öyster Cult. However, this isn’t all about living in the past, there’s a modern edge here where fans of trad metal will even take a nod of appreciation at what Spellbook are doing.

                Spellbook have released an album which is concise and to the point. It shows Spellbook evolving with their sound and continuing to develop their own identity whilst delivering an excellent album in the process.

"an excellent album"

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