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Sahg’s First Time

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For the first time ever a music magazine is diving into your first times. Well, there’s a first for everything.

Today we are hosting:

Olav Iversen, Sahg

First thing you do in the morning.
I think of how badly I want to go back to sleep! I am not a morning person at all.

The first time you realized you wanted to be a musician.
I was probably 8 or 9. I saw a video recording of a live performance of Kiss at a friend of my cousin’s place. Probably ‘Alive I’ or something. I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was my moment of truth. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen.

The first album you fell in love with.
I think it was The Number of the Beast by Iron Maiden. It was one of the first albums I bought for my own money, and I played it to death! It is still my favorite Maiden album.

Your first treasured piece of music equipment.
My first electric guitar, a cheap ebony black Les Paul replica. It was the instrument I learnt my first riffs on. I used to sit in my room and figure out AC/DC, Iron Maiden and Metallica riffs on that guitar.

The first time you met a music idol.
I never met that many, to be honest, mostly the ones we toured with. It was great to meet and get to know Tom G. Warrior and Martin Eric Ain of Celtic Frost when we toured with them in 2006. I am a big fan and they were great guys. Tom is still a friend of mine to this day.

Your first YouTube video.
The first Sahg music video was the first time I used Youtube actively.

The first person you text when you are in trouble.
Depends on what kind of trouble 🙂 But usually, my girlfriend.

The first thing you do after wrapping a live show.
I have a beer and try to sit down and feel the adrenaline slowly settle down. Talk about the show, and enjoy the moment, before I go out to meet the fans.

The first thing you’ll do after completing this interview.
I’ll go to bed, it’s late. Thank you and good night!

Connect with the band:

SAHG is:
Olav Iversen (Vocals, Guitars)
Tony Vetaas (Bass)
Mads Lilletvedt (Drums)

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