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Living Wreckage – ‘Living Wreckage’

M-Theory Audio
Shadows Fall, Skid Row, Pantera, Aftershock
Release Date
September 23, 2022
M-Theory Audio
Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/Metalcore

Living Wreckage’s debut album is what it sounds like when a bunch of veteran pro musicians wants to have fun and make the music they grew up on. The album is punchy, heavy, and mixed well. The performances are tight and skillful. Every note is delivered with the craft one would expect from worldly players. The songs are all strong and catchy, but they are all also fun. 

In my interview (see the link below) with guitarist Jon Donais (Shadows Fall/Anthrax), he says “I think it’s a metal record that you can drink to and hang out.” That is exactly the vibe throughout. This is an album to turn up loud and drive a fast muscle car a little past the speed limit. That’s not to say the music isn’t serious. On the contrary, songs like ‘The Voices Lied’, ‘Sink Below’, and ‘Out of Time’ are dripping with existentialism.  ‘Endless War’ is exceedingly heavy, but every song delivers this message in a sonically boisterous package.

If you like a little rock n roll with your metal this is the album for you. It’s often heavy, often pretty, often exciting, but it’s always catchy with soaring choruses and energetic rhythms. If you miss the lively days of 80’s rock but want seriously heavy music without the excesses, Living Wreckage perfectly threads that needle.

"a sonically boisterous package"

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