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Elf Queen – ‘Requiem’

Baldur Rising Music
Cellar Darling, Oceans of Slumber, Faun, Therion, Tristania, Sirenia, Norse Gael
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Baldur Rising Music
Dark Classical/Art/Folk Rock

My friend and colleague Helen Wilson recently reviewed Elf Queen’s EP, ‘Breathe Out Fire.’ Whatever your thoughts, forget them all. ‘Requiem’ is a complete departure and a remarkable triumph that only stems from the purest emotion. Inspired by the tragedy of his fiancé’s passing, lyricist Hauk Heimdallsman created a masterful retelling of Norse Eddic poems. Not remotely a Metal album or even Rock for that matter, ‘Requiem’ is lush, orchestral and beautifully imagined. Filled with fantastic imagery, an enchanting string ensemble, and utterly arresting choral and vocal performances,this album is truly majestic.

Even without context, the music is profoundly emotional and impactful. There are a few key moments of cinematic bombast, but largely the album is comprised of sparse arrangements, each instrument is given space to breathe and speak. (Elf Queen) Kelsey’s captivating vocals alternate between songbird and sing/speak. Her delivery is emotive and urgent yet uplifting. This is especially demonstrated in “Voluspa, pt 5.” Kelsey doesn’t strive to be another Floor Jansen or Lori Lewis; she is, well…The Elf Queen. Perhaps her voice belongs somewhere between the first EP and ‘Requiem.’ As long as she is within the same fold, astounding music will certainly follow. There is a palpable sense of unity amongst this band. Magic happens here.

Though derived from horrific circumstances, the music herein dances a delicate line, balancing grief and despair, but also offers hope and resolution. ‘Requiem’ is a rare and wondrous find that will speak differently to each listener.

"‘Requiem’ is a rare and wondrous find"

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