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Wolfheart – ‘King of the North’

Napalm Records
Black Sun Aeon, Before the Dawn, Be'lakor, Omnium Gatherum, Dawn of Solace, Amon Amarth, Noumena
Release Date
September 16, 2022
Napalm Records
Melodic Death Metal

                There’s a certain cold, depressing charm which comes with the melodic death metal that blows in from the blizzards of Finland. One such band are Wolfheart who have been delivering frostbitten melodic death metal for the best part of a decade now and this year has the Finns returning with their latest album ‘King of the North’.

                Let’s face it, melodic death metal in the modern era has the tendency to fall into the generic category. But thankfully, with ‘King of the North’, Wolfheart have managed to sidestep this with an album which is not only produced well but dedicates each one of its nine tracks to Finnish mythology as the band begin to push beyond the melo death sound and into one which incorporates elements of piano and orchestration. Yet, this is never delivered in the way, which is overbearing, pushing it into the symphonic genre, this is well and truly good at what it does. Furthermore, this is an album enhanced by guest appearances from the likes of Killswitch Engage’s Jesses Leach as well as Karl Sanders from Nile with tracks such as ‘Desolated Land’, ‘The King’ and ‘Fires of the Fallen’ being amongst some of the best work that Wolfheart have delivered.

                As an album, ‘King of the North’ shows Wolfheart in a different light and if this was a sound that the Finns would continue to pursue, then there will be a legion of fans baying for more. If you’re looking for some top-quality melodic death metal this year, then look no further than ‘King of the North’.

"top-quality melodic death metal"

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