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LORD OF THE LOST Releases Final Music Video of the JUDAS Era – “A World Where We Belong”

Only a few weeks after their European tour as support for the legendary Iron MaidenLORD OF THE LOST are about to hit European stages again – this time on a full headline tour through nine countries, supported by label mates Nachtblut and Scarlet Dorn.

Today the band has released the final official video taken from their most successful studio album to date, JUDAS (2021, #2 Official German Album Charts). The video for “A World Where We Belong” revisits the aesthetics from the very first video of the JUDAS cycle, The Death Of All Colors, and therewith perfectly closes this shining era of LORD OF THE LOST.

“With ‘A World Where We Belong’, we visually close the JUDAS era as it began with ‘A Death Of All Colours’. The dreariness of these videos involuntarily reflects the feeling in which JUDAS was released. It was pandemic times without concerts – everything looked gray and hopeless – quite in contrast to the outstanding success of this album! We would like to end this feeling with this last video and jump into our HOMECOMING TOUR with joy and passion! We are coming home, home to you on tour! And we are looking forward to it irrepressibly!”
Watch the video for “A World Where We Belong”

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