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Úlfarr – ‘The Ruins of Human Failure’ EP

Purity Through Fire
Craft, Corpus Christii, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Darkthrone, Decayed
Release Date
Purity Through Fire
Black Metal

Think of black metal and the mind wanders to the frozen north and evergreen trees of the Nordic countries. Yet, travel a little south and head towards the UK and in amongst the Cumbrian mountains are Úlfarr who have returned with their latest EP ‘The Ruins of Human Failure’.

                When it comes to things done in the raw Úlfarr know how to do it and with ‘The Ruins…’, the black metal mastermind wastes no time in getting down to business end. From raw buzzsaw tremolo picked guitars through to spacious ambient passages, ‘The Ruins…’, this is an intense album which gets more intense with each listen and even though it isn’t the best produced, it still gets the job done. Beginning with the four-piece title track, this beast whips back and forth like a headbanging ostrich alongside equally punky thrashers like ‘Forgotten by Time’ and ‘Cold in Death’ whereas the more atmospheric moments have all the appeal of Burzum and Paysage d’Hiver as well as ColdWorld and Walknut whilst also paying homage to Darkthrone.

                For the unconverted to the black metal cause, then ‘The Ruins…’ won’t suddenly cause the fresh-faced listener to don corpse paint and burn down the local church, but for the black metal fan, they’ll find something here which will be enjoyable.

"an EP which sticks to its guns"

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